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Special Programming: Chicago's New Affordable Requirements Ordinance (ARO) Training Seminar

CCAC's Burham Council, which is comprised of the next generation of civic leaders, is hosting a special educational seminar for CCAC members and their colleagues to learn more about the City of Chicago's new affordable requirements ordinance (ARO) which will go into effect this fall.  This new policy, which was written after two years of study and examination by a special task force, is designed to increase affordable housing in the City of Chicago.

Creating a New Future for Chicago’s Central City


The CCAC and the Burnham Council hosted a series of inclusive leadership panels, the second week of December 2020, to strategize the way forward for the Central City addressing the post-vaccine economy, the current economic downtown and the need for more inclusive growth.  Panels focused on how we can reconnect people to the Central City and secure our long-term competitiveness. View these conversations below: