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About Us

The Chicago Central Area Committee (CCAC) has long been a driving force in shaping Chicago’s growth, equity and quality of place on behalf of our fellow citizens.

Formed in 1956, CCAC is a non-profit, multi-disciplinary think tank that goes beyond thought into action. Proudly representing all facets of Chicago’s central city business district, our membership is comprised of civic, commercial, cultural and other professional leaders who are dedicated to our collective future success as a business community.


We are committed to being at the forefront of civic discussions aimed at strengthening the city’s identity as a global destination and helping to set the right priorities for investment in both the Central City and the richly diverse fabric of Chicago neighborhoods.


The Chicago Central Area Committee is a premier civic organization, poised to continue to help Chicago build upon the strength of yesterday to prosper today and sustainably flourish tomorrow.

CCAC Executive Committee Members

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CCAC Burnham Council Board Members


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