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Gary/ International Airport & Surrounding Land Master Plan Visioning Charrette

In response to a special invitation from Gary, Indiana, Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson (Former), the CCAC conducted a planning charrette to study the potential expansion of the Gary/Chicago International Airport. Charrette breakout groups focused on topics including airport development, surrounding land development, transportation and infrastructure  sustainability and environmental justice, and local hiring/workforce development. 

Gary Internatioal Airport.png

Project Scope

The project objectives included:

  • Bringing together local and regional public officials, businesses, educators, real estate professionals, community leaders,  and representatives to craft a vision of development in and around the Gary/Chicago International Airport

  • Generating findings to inform more in depth follow-on studies such as a master plan for the area

Work Product

The following work product highlights the charrette breakout groups' findings and recommendations for Airport Development, Surrounding Land Development, Transportation and Infrastructure, Sustainability & Environmental Justice, Local Hiring/Workforce Development. View the full presentation below to learn more. 

CCAC Gary Charrette Legacy Document

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