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Corridor Revitalization Initiative

Throughout 2019 and early 2020, the Chicago Central Area Committee (CCAC), in partnership with World Business Chicago (WBC), organized teams that consulted on a two (2) block (+/-) radius within a commercial corridor identified by community organizations. The teams then worked in collaboration with those community organizations to develop the project scope and deliverables displayed below.  

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 10.32.41

Project Scope

The project deliverables included:

  • Analyzing up to 50 property PINS within a commercial corridor (ownership, tax status, liens, zoning, etc.)

  • Making recommendations that support energy and modernization efforts

  • Preparing architectural renderings for potential improvements to storefronts, vacant property and redevelopment strategies

  • Preparing renderings for cohesive corridor design i.e. signage/ neighborhood markers, streetscape elements, etc.

  • Making infrastructure recommendations (CDOT) i.e. sidewalks, traffic calming features, etc.

  • Researching best and highest use for vacant parcels

East 51st St.

Between State Street and King Drive

Community Leaders
51st Street Business Association
Sandra Bivens

Team 1 Leaders
Andrew Balster, CannonDesign
Michael Kmak, CannonDesign
Chirag Patel, CannonDesign

Team Members
Natalie Kraft, Faegre Drinker
Robert Dahlgren, The John Buck Company
Tricia Marino Ruffalo, Ernst & Young LLP
Michael Lampl, SB Friedman
Malek Abdulsamad, Compass
Tiara Hughes, SOM
Monica Chanda, Civic Projects

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51st_Cover Photo.jpg

East 61st St.

Between King Drive & Vernon Ave

Community Leaders
Woodlawn Chamber of Commerce
Washington Park Chamber of Commerce
Byron Freelon
Donna Hampton-Smith
Yvette LeGrande
Loren Williams
Bob Hudson
Jeane Clark

Team 2 Leaders
Andrew Broderick, Perkins and Will
Brandon Crawford, Lendlease

Team Members
Dawveed Scully, SOM
Andrew Uttan, V3 Companies
Rich Van Zeyl, Wight & Co.
Joe Pitsor, Fifield Companies
Forrest Bailey, Draper & Kramer
Barney Row, Perkins and Will


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Chicago Ave.

Between Austin Boulevard & Central Avenue

Community Leaders
Austin African American Business Networking Association
Malcolm Crawford

Team 3 Leaders
Peter Ousley, d’Escoto, Inc.
Frederick d’Escoto, d’Escoto, Inc.

Team Members
LeeAnn Tomas-Foster, Arcadis
Ali Siddique, HOK
Luis Palacio, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill
Jonny Noble, Lamar Johnson Collaborative
Charlton Hamer, Habitat
Elle Ramel, Farpoint
Nicholas Spoor, CallisonRTKL
Patti Gallagher, P. Gallagher & Associates
Diane Legge, CallisonRTKL
Camila Simas, CallisonRTKL
Sharon Aurelio, CallisonRTKL

Kirsten Binder, d’Escoto, Inc.

Scott Garland, d’Escoto, Inc.

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Chicago Ave.jpg

71st St.

Between Jeffery Avenue and Yates Boulevard

Community Leaders
South Shore Chamber of Commerce
Edie Moore
Tonya Trice

Team 4 Leaders
Christine Carlyle, SCB

Team Members
Andreanita Hughes, Roosevelt University
Shelly Burke, Sterling Bay
Ryan Green, Chicago State University
Navi Sandhu, Fifield Companies
Brandon Hummel, The Hummel Law Group
James Michaels, Wight & Co.
Elbert Whitfield, SCB
Teresa Fourcher, SCB


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Little Village

26th Street between Karlov Avenue and Pulaski Road


Community Leaders
Little Village Chamber of Commerce
Kim Close
Blanca Soto
Juan Saldana

Team 5 Leaders
Domenic Salpietra, HOK
Kimberly Dowdell, HOK

Team Members

Katherine Darnstadt, Latent Design

Navjot Heer, Latent Design

Brian Jennett, Lamar Johnson Collaborative
Lilian Yool, Roosevelt University
Jeff Head, Habitat
David Aguilar, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
Christopher Hall, SOM


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Little Village.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 10.36.20

Advisory Committee 

Bridget Walsh, Near North Title Group
Dolores Saavedra, Near North Title Group
Matt Cermak, Chicago Title Insurance Company
Lyneir Richardson, Chicago TREND
Amanda Horan, CBRE
Jim Brescoll, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
Maurice Williams, Chicago Community Loan Fund
Anthony Mosely, Chicago Community Loan Fund
Bernita Johnson-Gabriel, World Business Chicago
Christopher Eagan, World Business Chicago
Kelly O’Brien, CCAC
Clint W. Sabin, Fifth Star Public Affairs

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