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A Central City Strategy For All of Chicago

The Central City Strategy Initiative focused on linking neighborhoods to Central City growth and positioning Chicago to compete on the global stage. Specifically, the Initiative focused on catalytic economic initiatives, enhanced mobility, and digital connectivity for all.

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Project Scope

The project goals included:

  • Positioning all of Chicago for a new era of innovation, growth, and discovery

  • Connecting neighborhood residents to Central City growth

  • Leveraging Central City growth to invest in neighborhoods

Work Product

The work product generated through this initiative outlines Central City challenges, the symposium and workshop processes, the over-arching strategies for unlocking economic development, and the CCAC's proposed solutions ​for repositioning Chicago for a new era of growth. View the presentation below to learn more. 


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Policy Paper

The Central City Strategy Initiative focuses on three key areas (Catalytic Economic Initiatives, New Mobility, and Digital Connectivity for all) that can have a significant impact on the lives of residents and the success of local businesses. Read the CCAC's full Policy Paper (linked below) to learn more. 

White Paper


Learn more about how the CCAC is helping position Chicago as a leader in growth, quality of place, and equity


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The Chicago Sun-Times featured the CCAC's work in their article Share the wealth: Group says booming downtown can help the neighborhoods, and discussed the ways in which our Initiative will have far-reaching effects that radiate into downtown’s underserved areas. View the Full Article to learn more.


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